旗帜年:ca88游戏在圣. 路易斯的周年,2003 - 04

Over the 2003-04 academic year, Washington University celebrated its 周年. 访问ors came to campus from near and far to participate in special anniversary events — and even George Washington made an appearance.

在最初的150年里, ca88游戏取得了显著的进步, growing from a college educating local men and women to an internationally known research university with students and faculty from approximately 110 countries. 在举行, Washington University recognized this historical transformation with a series of celebratory events chaired by Robert Virgil, MBA 60, DBA 67, 他是奥林商学院(奥林商学院)的理事和前院长.

“This was a special time to look back on our distinguished past and reflect upon the university’s continuing role as a leader in education and research and as a valuable asset to our community, ca88游戏的民族和世界,德国财政大臣马克. Wrighton.

The history book, “Beginning a Great Work: ca88游戏. 路易, 1853-2003,,作者是坎迪斯·奥康纳, 2月23日首次开放吗, 2004, 威廉·格林利夫·艾略特日. On this day, the university also unveiled a portrait of 艾略特, by artist Gilbert Early, BFA ’59, in Holmes Lounge.

Highlighting the university’s long history of student performances, student a cappella groups were featured in a compilation CD, “充满活力的声音.寄往大学校园附近的家庭, the CD featured musical styles ranging from European madrigal to gospel to contemporary pop.

To observe the signing of the university’s charter in 1853 (established as 艾略特 Seminary), 请注意这所大学的同名ca88游戏平台的生日, and generate excitement for the upcoming yearlong celebration, the university and student groups sponsored a week of events, 在2月22日达到顶峰, 2003, with a George Washington Birthday Party in the 体育运动 Complex.

In 9月20日03, Founders Week was the “official” kickoff of the 周年. Another week’s worth of activities began with a birthday party open house on Sunday, 9月14日, 2003, and ended with the Founders Day dinner on Saturday, 9月20日.

在150岁生日派对上, the university opened its doors on both the 丹弗斯 and Medical campuses to the St. 路易 community, alumni, students, faculty and staff. 估计有15,000 visitors participated in more than 200 activities and events, 从讲座, 健康检查的阅读和表演, 体育诊所和互动模拟审判. In the evening, a capacity crowd in Brookings Quadrangle enjoyed a free concert by the St. 路易交响乐团.

Other Founders Week highlights included lectures commemorating the 200-year anniversary of the 路易iana Purchase and 100-year anniversary of the 1904 World’s Fair and Olympian Games in St. 路易; and the annual Founders Day dinner, 表彰杰出的教员, 校友及大学朋友. 尊敬的罗伯特·J. Dole was keynote speaker, and he spoke on “领导 and Values in the 21st Century.”

在艺术画廊, 2003年秋天, 《影响力150:塑造一座城市的150年, 一个国家, the World” showcased how Washington University positively influenced the growth and development of St. 路易, the United States and the world over its 150-year history. The exhibit moved to the 医学院的 during the spring.

每所学校也会赞助一些活动. “对话”,由艺术赞助 & 科学, was a “forum for reflection on issues that affect the future of the university, 社区和世界.” 教师 and distinguished guest speakers discussed four major topics: “What Kind of International Borders Will Exist in the 21st Century?,” “The Future of Freedom,” “Public Intellectuals,” and “Modern Human Origins.”

工程学院 & Applied Science special events included the dedication of 昂卡斯一个. Whitaker生物医学工程大厅, 2003年10月, and a “Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Colloquia” in December to honor the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ flight.

艺术学院,还有法学院, 奥林商学院, 奥林图书馆特别馆藏, 艺术史和考古系, and the American Culture Studies program (both in 艺术 & 科学) — presented “Typographically Speaking: The Art of Matthew Carter” at the Des Lee Gallery in the fall semester.

Other 法学院的 events included its 周年 Lecture with Lee C. Bollinger, president of Columbia University and law professor. 一个会议, “全球化, 国家, 和社会,” explored issues and debates over the relationship between globalization and sovereignty, and the prospects for the modern social welfare state and state-society bargains in an increasingly global economy, sponsored by the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, 惠特尼R. Harris Institute for Global Legal Studies, and the Department of Political Science in Art & 科学.

在吉文斯大厅, the School of Architecture presented an exhibit and timeline (1948-present) illustrating notable postwar examples of modern architecture in St. 路易 and the role and development of the international visiting architect’s program with the university. The major highlight for architecture and the visual arts on campus, 然而, 是4月14日, 2004, 山姆·福克斯艺术中心65年的奠基仪式,000平方英尺 米尔德里德·莱恩·肯珀艺术博物馆 和38000平方英尺 伯爵E. 和桃金娘E. 沃克大厅.

主题是“吸取过去的教训”, 规划未来,” the 布朗学校 hosted a conference series including “Civic Service: Impacts and Inquiry, an International Symposium;” “Strengthening the 研究 Capacity of Schools of Social Work;” “Strategies to Empower Women and Girls;” and “Social Work’s 研究 Agenda in the Field of Addictions and HIV 研究.”

The 医学院的 hosted lectures and symposia, too. 威廉H. 丹弗斯 Scientific Symposium, “Medicine at the Millennium,” honoring Dr. 丹弗斯, 名誉校长, highlighted important advances in biomedical research and investigative activities at the university.

在毕业典礼上, 教职员工和毕业生都穿着与众不同的长袍, 由莱斯利·兰贝斯设计, lecturer in fashion design at the Sam Fox School of Art. Green with black velvet trim, the gown has the university shield on both sleeves at the shoulder.